The Florida Cattlemen's Association Introduces: "Tell Our Story"

"Tell Our Story" is a video series that begins to tell those outside our cattle world about who we are, how we live and how we work.

The Florida Cattlemen's Association has created seven short videos as part of a series called "Tell Our Story". 

Many Floridians don't know about the Florida cattle world, its values, ethics, purpose and most importantly, its people. 

This video series helps us share more about who we are, how much we care for the environment, and how we take good care of raising healthy cattle. Through this video series, we hope you'll see that we are more alike each other than not. We are similar to your family and we are closer than you may realize. 

Each of the seven videos shares a glance into our world and we're so glad to share them with you. 

We encourage you to also visit our social media channels at @FloridaBeef - Like us and get to know us a little better. 

Please enjoy the "Tell Our Story" video series!