Let’s get started down a delicious road to a heathier YOU by joining the Florida Beef Council and taking part in the Protein Challenge! Learn how to eat mouthwatering, wholesome, nutritious, protein-packed meals while optimizing the way you look and feel. 

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  • Tools for Success

 Protein Benefits

 Why are we focusing on protein?  Some of the benefits  of eating protein throughout the day include feeling    satisfied after a protein-packed meal, which helps    reduce mindless eating. Also, meals with protein helps  to build muscle and reduce body fat. Learn more about  the power of protein!






 Florida Protein Challenge Journal Calendar

 Use this journaling calendar to help you keep track of    the foods you eat and boost your protein intake.







 Food & Hunger Journal 

 Use this journal to keep track of your foods and how    your hunger is affected by what you eat. 



 Hunger Scale

 Use this tool to rate your hunger before and after you  eat.  This will help you to evaluate your body's    nutritional needs.



 High Protein Foods List

 Here is a helpful guide to help you stock up on protein-  packed staples.